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Jeff Rutstein in the news:

Jeff Rutstein has appeared in over 100 media outlets including: CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, Fox News, ABC-TV, NBC-TV, and radio broadcast WCBS (New York) and NPR.

Expert Spokesperson on Steroid abuse – As a former steroid abuser, Jeff tells first-hand about:

  •   the life of a steroid user
  •   why are steroids so tempting
  •   the unattractive and dangerous side effects
  •   the psychological and physical dependency
  •   warning signs parents should look for
  •   the road to recovery

‘What a moving and inspiring 30 minutes you gave my listening audience from taking us inside the world of steroids and painkillers to rising like a Phoenix to pull together all your life experiences and skills into a vital service; one different from all others.’ –
Barbara McCallum,
Host, Your Peace of Mind

“Jeff Rutstein author of The Steroid Deceit shed a huge light on the darker side of steroid abuse, a side that no one ever talks about. His candidness, personal experience and sincerity really shows through.”
Mimi Stoneburner,
Host, Body Talk

“A word of sincere thanks for your great presentation. The sharing of your own personal struggles and growth brought credence to your message. Your genuine concern for people really shows. God bless you.”
Reverend Vincent Daily
Parochial Vicar, Boston, MA

Medical experts are also available upon request.

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