An open letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Your body-building poster inspired me, years ago, to build up my own body to compensate for my shorter stature and a stutter, qualities that drew ridicule from school bullies.

Eventually I turned to steroids and almost lost died.

Now, as author of the book, The Steroid Deceit, I am dedicating my life to warn young people away from replicating my mistakes.

I encourage you to use your image and political power to loudly condemn steroid abuse.

You, as the former chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and now the Governor of California — and a former steroid user — could have great influence.

You encourage students to live active, healthy lifestyles by discussing the childhood obesity epidemic.

“With obesity comes associated health risks, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis-related disabilities, and depression,” your official web site states.

Several of these risks are also found in steroid use, along with; emotional instability, liver disease, sexual side effects and death.

You also encourage higher levels of fitness and healthy nutrition through the Governor‘s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. You support the Special Olympics.

Why stop there?

We all know you used steroids; you have admitted doing so.

But you turn your back on the problem by simply stating that it would be hypocritical to demean a substance you no longer use.

You, as a public servant, as the former editor of two body-building magazines, and as the sponsor of the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding contest, owe the public more. You have a responsibility to denounce these illegal and dangerous drugs.

Do most bodybuilders featured in the magazines take steroids?  Yes.  Does it take steroids to look like people in these magazines?  More than likely.

It’s no wonder that the use of steroids among high school athletes continues to grow every year.  It’s no wonder our professional athletes have no problem taking and denying their abuse of steroids.

It is time for you to take a tough stand against steroids.

Jeff Rutstein

Author of The Steroid Deceit

Jeff Rutstein, author of The Steroid Deceit and a fitness instructor in Boston, is a former steroid addict who almost died from steroid abuse. He is available for interviews and speaking engagements. For more information on the consequences of steroids and how to combat today’s epidemic of steroid abuse, go to

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