The Author


Using anabolic steroids almost killed Jeff Rutstein. For three and a half years he was addicted to these illegal drugs. When he gave up steroids, Jeff’s life went into a tailspin from which he took more than a year to recover.

The Steroid Deceit is his compelling, candid story and a look behind the muscle curtain. Educating young people about the dangers of steroids is his passion. As he crawled out of the abyss Jeff had an epiphany: he wanted to work with people who were in trouble – be it substance
abuse, stress, or psyc hological despair – and help them surmount their problems. What saved Jeff – a system of exercises he calls Mindful Movements – he wanted to bring to other people.

In 1990 Jeff started Custom Fitness in Boston, a center that promotes a mind-body approach to exercise. Jeff’s unique approach to fitness is the opposite of the usual “no pain no gain” workout mills. He quickly gained converts throughout the Boston area with doctors and mental health professionals recommending their clients to him. Based on his experiences, Jeff wrote Rutstein on Fitness: Strengthening the Body to Heal the Mind.

Jeff was named Distinguished Personal Trainer by American Fitness, an Outstanding Fitness Leader by Reebok Instructor News, The Best Samaritan by American Health, and is a Master Level Personal Trainer certified by the International Dance and Exercise Association (IDEA).

His revolutionary approach to fitness, and his own life story, has resulted in Jeff’s being featured in more than 100 national and international media out lets, including CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Boston Globe, and others.

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