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“Rutstein has written a taut, frightening book, The Steroid Deceit. He wants teenagers to be scared straight when they read it. He wants parents to be aware of the warning signs. He wants to save lives.”
The Philadelphia Daily News
May 3, 2006

“Government is not doing enough at all,” said Jeff Rutstein of Boston, who started using steroids in college some 20 years ago. He says he developed health problems and suicidal thoughts as a result and now warns against the drugs’ lure for young people. “They have to treat it like any other serious drug,” said Rutstein, author of The Steroid Deceit. “It’s as serious as any other drug.”
The San Francisco Chronicle
March 10, 2006

“His steroid use lasted three plus years and Rutstein fell into a deep depression when he stopped using. These days he is a personal trainer in Boston and an outspoken voice against steroids.”
The Hartford Courant
November 9, 2005

“For Jeff Rutstein, the road to ruin began at the intersection of poor body image and youthful naiveté. Today he counts himself lucky that he has lived to tell his story and to serve as an object lesson on the dangers of steroid abuse.”
The Washington Post
August 30, 2005

“Steroids have since become [Rutstein’s] expertise, he has urged youngsters nationwide to say no to steroids…The Steroid Deceit: A Body Worth Dying For?’, tells why he became a steroid user, the ego boost it gave him and the side effects of quitting.”
The Sun Chronicle
August 1, 2005

“[The Steroid Deceit is]…a resource for those who hope to keep youths away from performance-enhancing drugs.”
New Hampshire Union Leader
July 21, 2005

“Rutstein describes the painful withdrawal he experienced [getting off steroids]…physically weak and mentally exhausted. Rutstein says that education is essential, as is getting the advice of a professional.”
ACE Fitness Matters
The Truth About “The Juice”
By Patricia Amend
May/June 2005

“Jeff Rutstein, former steroid abuser, speaking out to help other people not be so….thank you so much for your openness.”
CNN Headline News

“Rutstein, who concedes that steroids took a terrific toll on his body…. amounted to flirting openly with death.”

“Unfortunately lots of teenagers are following big name athletes when it comes to steroids…Jeff Rutstein knows alot about the subject as a former steroid abuser.”
Fox Morning News

“It was while working on his physique in the mid – 1980’s that he began injecting himself with steroids. Along with steroids, came cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs….[Jeff] has come a long way from his days as a steroid-laced college weightlifter.”
Boston Business Journal

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